Contra Tiempo presents: "joyUS justUS"

Contra Tiempo presents: "joyUS justUS"
March 14, 2019 8:00 PM
Photo Credit: Eric Wolfe

RCC Hunters Woods – the CenterStage
Thursday, March 14 • 8:00 p.m.

 “Contra-Tiempo represents the kind of socially aware, contemporary work that only a few reliably provide… in heart, mind and sound, this is the real thing!”
Los Angeles Times

In Partnership with Dance Place

This urban Latin dance theatre experience takes on joy as the ultimate expression of resistance. Whenever humans have survived immense hardship and injustice, prevailing with their humanity intact, the presence of joy has always been at the root. An invigorating blend of physically intense and socially astute performances that push the boundaries of Latin dance as an expressive cultural and contemporary form, Contra-Tiempo brings salsa back to its roots as a mode of expression for the struggles of the working class. Learn how to salsa in the Community Room after the performance, where the performers become your teachers as we all celebrate the communal nature of dance.

Followed by a dance party with the cast in the community room!


  • Contact: Paul Douglas Michnewicz
  • Phone: 703-390-6167
Ticket Price: $20
Non-Reston Ticket Price: $30
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